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About New World Cinema: Independent Features & Shorts, 1990-Present

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The collection includes approximately 200 full-length feature films from leading independent distributors such as Kino Lorber, First Run Features, Film Movement, MK2, and the Global Films Initiative. There are also some 50 award winning short films.

All films were presented at major film festivals, many were nominated for awards, and many have major awards.  Example films include the Oscar Nominated Twilight Samurai, directed by Yôji Yamada, Films include, for example, the Oscar®-nominated Twilight Samurai, directed by Yôji Yamada, Oscar®-nominated The Scent of Green Papaya, directed by Tran Anh Hung, Oscar® nominated Dogtooth, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, and Cannes Grand Jury Prize winner The Piano Teacher, directed by Michael Haneke. Collectively the films in the database have won more than 1,000 awards.

 Students of cinema will find titles by many of the leading contemporary directors of world cinema, such as Andrei Zvyagintsev, Koji Wakamatsu, Wong Kar-Wai and Jean-Luc Godard, illustrating a wide range of cinematographic techniques.

Work from more than 60 countries ranging from Austria to Uruguay are included. The narratives provide a rich window onto cultures and sociological issues from around the world. In Cum Me-Am Petrecut Sfarsitul Lumii, (2006) (The Way I Spent The End of the World) students can vividly experience life under Ceausescu.  Students can see the struggle of an immigrant Algerian women to come to terms with Western values in  Inch'Allah dimanche (2001) (Sunday God Willing). In El baño del Papa (2007) (The Pope's Toilet) acclaimed director César Charlone presents themes of poverty and religion on the Brazilian Border. Detailed title level indexing allows one immediately to recognize films with social, cultural or political dimensions, so making the titles relevant to a wide range of students in sociology, linguistics, anthropology and other disciplines. For example, issues of domestic abuse in Japan are covered, as is the impact of mercury on human health and the environment in Peru, political upheaval in China during the 50's and 60's, an adaptation of Kafka's The Castle, and much more …

Over 40 different languages are represented, but all titles are subtitled in English.

The database comes with classroom performance rights which together with the ability to identify and annotate sections of the films make it possible for faculty to use the material in classrooms and in classroom assignments. Once identified individual scenes can be linked to from course synopses.

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All videos in the collection have been Semantically Indexed™ and are fully searchable and browsable.

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At Alexander Street, the following people have been instrumental in the development of the collection:

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  • Michael Kangal
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  • Nazar Sharunenko
  • Will Whalen
  • Aaron Wood

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